Ancient History Morning Time Session


Journey back in time with Ancient History and these done-for-you Charlotte Mason-inspired morning time plans! From elementary through high school, we’ve got you covered with this stunning 6-week study.

Everything is already curated, gathered, and scheduled out for you. All you have to do is print out the pages you want to use, gather your family around and enjoy!



The following are included in your 6-week morning time session:

  • 6-week Calendar with each subject scheduled on it
  • Prayer and scripture memorization
  • Copywork selections from The Prayer of Moses, Ten Commandments, and The Blessing of Obedience in primary, elementary, cursive, and a notebook sheet for high school students (and moms)
  • Memory Work: Prayer, scripture memory, and poetry memorization
  • Living Books recommended reading list
  • Artist & Picture Study: Ancient Egyptian Art
  • Ancient Music Study: Music of Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Syria, and Persia
  • Poetry Study: “Ozymandias” and “To the Nile,” by Percy Bysshe Shelly, “To the Nile,” by John Keats, “A Thought of the Nile,” by Leigh Hunt,  “The Harper’s Song for Inherkhawty,” and “The Prancing Horse” (Ancient Egyptian Love Poem)
  • Hymn Study: Down at the Cross, with sheet music and listening links
  • Folk Song Study: Go Down, Moses (Let My People Go), with sheet music and listening links
  • Egyptian-Inspired Teatime Recipes: Sourdough Bread, Ramses II Emmer Wheat Loaves, Sugar Cookies, Rehkmire’s Tiger Nuts, and Fig Cakes
  • Teatime Readings: The Girl with the Red Slippers, The Sphinx and the Prince, The Instruction of Amenemope with a parallel to Proverbs, The Prince and the Three Fates, and The Story of the Sham Prince, Or the Ambitious Tailor
  • Geography: The Cat of Bubastes, by G.A. Henty
  • Bonus: Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Handicraft: Papyrus Making
  • Art Lesson: Egyptian Hieroglyphics
  • Nature study: Egyptian Flora and Fauna
  • Plutarch: “The Savior of Athens”
  • And more!