About Us

We are absolutely delighted to create a brand new community around Lara Molettiere’s rich & beautiful curriculum!

Alisha Gratehouse

Alisha Gratehouse is an artist, minister’s wife, and veteran homeschool mom of three young adults. She is passionate about nurturing creativity and bringing encouragement to others. 

Long before she founded her company, Masterpiece Society, she was learning all she could about a Charlotte Mason education. Alisha began incorporating these methods with her children in the early days of Ambleside Online (when it was known as the “Parents Union Online” or PUO).

Through the years, this beautiful lifestyle of learning completely shaped and formed who her children are today — artists, writers, musicians, and lovers of literature, poetry, and nature.

Because of the impact of Charlotte Mason’s methods on her family, she is thrilled to be taking the helm of The Homeschool Garden, rebranding as Charlotte Mason Morning Time™, and building a community around it so that other families can experience the joy it brings!

Olivia Gratehouse

Olivia Gratehouse is a sci-fi writer, classically trained pianist, Bible college graduate, and tea addict. She enjoys reading, creating art, baking, and being cozy.

From an early age, she has had a rich inner world which she attributes to living books. As a young child she loved read alouds — from the pioneer journey of the Little House series, to exploring the magical worlds of Tolkien and Lewis, to the Regency period of Austen! Even today, she still loves a good Agatha Christie or Isaac Asimov novel.

Because of the Charlotte Mason lifestyle of learning, her homeschool days were filled with literature, music, art, handicrafts, and nature studies — all of which sparked her imagination and creativity. 

Now she hopes to share her enthusiasm for living a creative life with homeschool students today.

Lara Molettiere, Creator
of The Homeschool Garden

Lara Molettiere believes in the power of Truth, goodness and beauty facilitating a fertile mind and heart in our children. Through homeschooling her own children she worked to create a simple-to-follow morning time curriculum inspired by Charlotte Mason methodology.

Sharing these plans with friends and seeing their success is how The Homeschool Garden Morning Time curriculum was born. Hundreds of homeschooling families have used THG to enjoy delightful learning, and Lara is excited for how many more will be blessed through this new adventure!

You can find Lara at Everyday Graces Homeschool.