Awaken to Delight Membership

The Awaken to Delight membership is a brand new community whose name comes from a quote by Charlotte Mason:

“The souls of children are waiting for the call of knowledge to awaken them to delightful living.”

We know from experience that homeschooling can truly be a delight-filled experience for your family. This is the heart of our community.

After 19 years of homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason method and now on the other side with college graduates, I can attest to the beauty of this lifestyle of learning. Through the years, it completely shaped and formed my family. We have such beautiful memories of the books we read aloud together, the artists and composers we studied, the nature hikes we went on, the museums we visited, the Shakespeare plays we went to, and on and on!

Our commitment to this educational style has produced three well-rounded young adults who are artists, writers, musicians, and lovers of literature, poetry, and nature. But most importantly, they are all the best of friends with shared memories, experiences and joys!

Now it is my desire to help you experience the same fulfillment as a mother that I do.

At the core of this membership is the Charlotte Mason Morning Time curriculum (formerly The Homeschool Garden Morning Time) which was originally created by Lara Molettiere. The membership includes 24 volumes (an $1100+ value!) plus many more in the works!

Then, as a Hobbit might say, we will “fill up the corners” with beauty, creativity, and DELIGHT by adding…

Art Lessons

Brand new and exclusive art lessons from the Masterpiece Society. The high quality of lessons you’ve come to expect from us there will be in this membership as well, with multiple art media — watercolors, acrylics, charcoal, pastels, and more!


Seasonal and historically-themed handicraft lessons for upper elementary through high school, including sewing, crocheting, weaving, sculpting, woodworking, woodburning, jewelry-making, and more!

Seasonal Nature Studies

Fun, seasonal activities for studying nature, plus watercolor nature journaling lessons, and nature crafts.

And so much more…

Not only do you get everything mentioned above, we will also include:

  • Map making lessons to go along with the history studies
  • Literary study packs with themed art, handicrafts, & recipes to create as you read
  • A treasure-trove of poetry for every occasion to copy, memorize, and recite
  • A library of printable scriptures, poems, quotes, historical speeches, etc. for extra handwriting/copywork practice
  • Seasonal teatime recipes for your family to bake and enjoy! 

Literature packs with themed art, handicrafts, and recipes

Fun, seasonal nature crafts created from found objects

A library of printable handwriting/copywork practice

Weekly tea time recipes to complement the studies or seasons

“We have been greatly blessed by the content of these plans. The care and beauty you pour into each one is abundantly evident. They are far and away our favorite plans ever!  We love the inspiring artwork and beautiful graphics/layout of each one.  I am especially grateful that we can return to these plans again in the future and rediscover timeless truths and yet something new again, as well.”


Check out this “Behind-the-Scenes Tour” of our Members’ Area:

Scriptural Encouragement

Last, but certainly not least, this membership will also be a place of prayer and scriptural encouragement for you as you walk your homeschooling journey.

We will have weekly devotionals via email & monthly encouragement & prayer via Zoom — specifically on how to navigate in the times we’re living in. 

Current Value of Membership = $3413!

And much more on the way!!!

(With the new curriculum and courses on the schedule, look for the membership value to double or more within the year!)

“The plans are so lovely. The art projects created are especially gorgeous. Thank you for the beauty you all have brought into our lives!”


“I absolutely love everything you have done here! So many great resources! Thank you so much!” 


“I really love the content! What a wonderful medley of beauty, interesting people and relevant facts! It’s beautifully gathered.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Awaken to Delight membership and what all is included?

Awaken to Delight is a brand new membership for Charlotte Mason homeschoolers who want a rich and delight-filled education for their kids and teens.

We provide generous variety of short lessons already planned out & gathered for you in the form of our Charlotte Mason Morning Time™ curriculum (formerly, The Homeschool Garden Morning Time), originally created by Lara Molettiere. This curriculum forms the “spine” of our membership, and there are currently 20 4-week & 6-week volumes (with more in the works).

And then we add an abundance of “afternoon occupations” for your kids, teens, and you — from art lessons, to handicrafts, to nature activities, and journaling, to tea time recipes for baking, and so much more!

What is Charlotte Mason Morning Time™?

Charlotte Mason Morning Time™ (formerly The Homeschool Garden Morning Time) is a curriculum originally created by Lara Molettiere. Each volume is rich with “done-for-you” plans, printables and/or links that are true to Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and will greatly simplify your morning time.

Each volume contains the following:

  • Bible reading & scripture memorization
  • Poetry memorization
  • Artist & picture study
  • Composer study & classical pieces
  • Literature recommendations
  • History
  • Geography
  • Hymn study & memorization
  • Folk Songs 
  • Handicrafts
  • Shakespeare selection
  • Plutarch (in some volumes)
  • Nature study
  • Teatime recipes
    Besides the curriculum, what exactly are you adding to the membership?

    Not only are we in the process of editing, reformatting, and tweaking each volume of curriculum, we will also reorganize them according to historical eras or seasons. Plus, we have several new volumes in the works to fill in the gaps.

    Furthermore, we are adding an abundance of delight-filled activities for “afternoon occupations” such as:

    • A brand new art lesson for each volume
    • A brand new handicraft lesson for each volume
    • Seasonal handicrafts beyond the lessons
    • Seasonal tea time recipes
    • Seasonal nature studies + watercolor journaling lessons
    • Seasonal nature crafts (not the same as “handicrafts”)
    • Geography/map making art lessons to go with the history lessons
    • Literary packs
    • A library of seasonal poetry
    • A library of printable handwriting/copywork practice
    • More artist/picture study packs
    • More composer study
    How will this new membership affect the Masterpiece Society?

    Awaken to Delight will not affect the Masterpiece Society. We have a team of artists, administrative and virtual assistants, as well as content creators who will continue growing that site.

    Will my Masterpiece Society Studio membership carry over to Awaken to Delight?

    No. Awaken to Delight is a completely different membership and will require a separate subscription. Since it is specifically created for Charlotte Mason homeschoolers, it will encompass a far greater scope than the Masterpiece Society which offers online art lessons, art appreciation, and art history exclusively.

    What's the difference between this new membership and Masterpiece Society Studio?
    Awaken to Delight is specifically created for Charlotte Mason homeschoolers and will encompass a far greater scope than the Masterpiece Society Studio.

    We will have the initial 20 volumes of curriculum (plus we’ll be adding more as we go), poetry packs, literature packs, tea time recipes, handicrafts, nature crafts, nature activities, etc.

    The Masterpiece Society will remain exclusively focused on art: art lessons, art history & art appreciation.

    Will Awaken to Delight have art lessons?

    Yes! We will be creating a brand new art lesson for each of the 20 volumes. Plus, we will film more nature journaling lessons, map-making lessons for history and geography study, as well as other art lessons in the works.

    Will we all follow the same seasonal or historical themes?

    We are reformatting the morning time sessions in a specific order, however, all the volumes will be available for you to pick and choose from if you don’t want to follow along. 

    Can I purchase the Charlotte Mason Morning Time™ curriculum separately instead of joining the membership?

    Absolutely! As soon as we complete each session, we will put them in our store for individual purchase. Each session will be $47, making the entire set over $900. However, the membership will be the best value as it will encompass everything we create.

    Can I purchase the art or handicraft lessons separately instead of joining the membership?

    One brand new art lesson will be included with each session, and there is already a handicraft lesson in each. We will also create several themed handicraft video courses which will be available for purchase sometime in the future. However, the membership will be the best value as it will encompass everything we create.

    What type of handicraft lessons will you be adding?

    Alisha is EQUALLY obsessed um, in love with art and crafting, so she is super excited to add handicraft lessons to this site. We will include seasonal and historically-themed handicraft lessons for upper elementary through high school, including (but not limited to) sewing, crocheting, weaving, sculpting, woodworking, woodburning, jewelry-making, doll-making, and more! Alisha’s husband, Jason, will provide amazing (and useful) woodworking projects especially for boys.

    Is the website and curriculum already complete?

    All of the 20 sessions of Charlotte Mason Morning Timewill be made available to our founding members, but we are still rebranding, editing, reformatting and reorganizing each volume. The membership, Awaken to Delight, will be in beta for a year as we will allow our members to help shape it. Art lessons, handicraft lessons, nature crafts, activities and journaling, (plus a few other surprises) will be added on a regular basis to the membership.

    What is the age range for this curriculum?

    Awaken to Delight is a whole-family program.

    The morning time plans are designed with elementary through high school (Forms 1-4) in mind. Younger children may join in and will definitely enjoy many aspects, but we have no plans to create curriculum for preschoolers.

    High school students, of course, will have much more requirements from the state to fulfill. However, we will include advanced, in-depth art lessons and handicraft projects that they will enjoy.

    Can I share my membership account with another family?

    No. The membership site is set up to allow for only one family license per user login. 

    What is Your Refund Policy?

    Because of the downloadable and digital nature of our products, we do not offer refunds.

    Please Note: Memberships will recur until you cancel. You may cancel at any time, however there are no partial period refunds. Upon cancellation, you will continue to receive full access until your chosen period (month or year) expires. Your membership will not renew.

    Is this curriculum Christian or secular?

    Charlotte Mason said, “The indwelling of Christ is a thought particularly fit for children because their large faith does not stumble at the mystery, their imagination leaps readily to the marvel, that the King Himself should inhabit a little child’s heart,” (Home Education, p. 352).

    This curriculum is decidedly Christian. It includes scriptures and hymns for copywork, memory work, and recitation. 

    The membership will also include weekly scripture-based encouragement and a monthly check-in/prayer time via Zoom.

    Are you a vendor with charter schools?

    Because we are choosing to keep Christian content in our curriculum, we will not allow state charter school purchases. However, if your charter doesn’t have issues with “religious content” then we will consider working with them.

    Enrollment is currently closed for new members. Thank you!