A Creative Charlotte Mason Education for the Busy Mom!

Don’t waste the precious time you’ve been given with your kids trying to research, hunt down, weed out, sort through, and organize your own curriculum plan. We’ve already done it all for you!

Charlotte Mason Morning Time™ integrates learning, not to make connections for the child, but rather to provide a richer, deeper understanding of cultures and historic periods. We’ve gathered literature, poetry, Shakespeare plays, beautiful artworks, music, and even delicious teatime recipes. We’ve also included an art lesson and a beautiful handicraft project with each session!

Morning Time Sessions

Poetry & Supplemental Copywork Packs

Poetry is an integral part of a Charlotte Mason education. And what better way to reinforce it than to combine it with copywork? Writing is a fabulous tool to assist in memorization. And if you can include beautiful verses for your kids and teens to practice their handwriting skills, then it will strengthen and fortify the poetic lines in their memory.

Grab these seasonal poetry & copywork packs to simplify language arts! Simply print out the sheets you need, then set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes and let your kids and teens work on practicing beautiful letters, words, verses, and poems.

Tea Time & Party Guides

Grab one or all of our Tea Time & Party Guides to bring imagination and enchantment into your home, and create memories that last a lifetime!

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