Spring Poetry & Copywork Pack


Poetry is an integral part of a Charlotte Mason education. It can be read during morning time, over lunch, in the afternoon with a pot of tea, or at any time of day.

We’ve curated this collection of poems to be used to reinforce memorization of beautiful lines as well as for practicing handwriting. After each poem, you will find Zaner-Bloser style handwriting sheets for all ages (primary, elementary, and cursive, as well as college-ruled for older students &/or moms) to be used for copywork.

Simply print out the sheets you need, then set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes and let your kids and teens work on practicing beautiful letters, words, verses, and poems.

If you desire to extend your poetry studies even further, we’ve also included in this packet:

  • A short biography of each poet
  • Poet Study notebooking page
  • Poetry Study notebooking page
  • Poetry Teatime Planner page

“These should include a good deal of poetry, to accustom him to the delicate rendering of shades of meaning, and especially to make him aware that words are beautiful in themselves, that they are a source of pleasure, and are worthy of our honour; and that a beautiful word deserves to be beautifully said, with a certain roundness of tone and precision of utterance.” ~ Charlotte Mason



The following are included in this SPRING poetry & copywork pack:

  • A curated collection of 10 spring-inspired poems from some of the greatest poets of all time:
    • “To Spring,” by William Blake
    • “A Light Exists in Spring,” by Emily Dickinson
    • “A Prayer in Spring,” by Robert Frost
    • “Ode on the Spring,” by Thomas Gray
    • “Loveliest of Trees,” the Cherry Now, by A.E. Housman
    • “Ode to a Nightingale,” by John Keats
    • “Spring Quiet,” by Christina Rossetti
    • “Sonnet 98,” by William Shakespeare
    • “These, I, Singing in the Spring,” by Walt Whitman
    • “Lines Written in Early Spring,” by William Wordsworth
  • Zaner-Bloser style handwriting sheets in three levels:
    • Primary
    • Elementary
    • Cursive
    • Plus college-ruled lines for older students &/or moms
  • A short biography of each poet
  • Poet Study notebooking page
  • Poetry Study notebooking page
  • Poetry Teatime planner page
  • Why Poetry?
  • Elements of Poetry

Over 230 pages!

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