France Morning Time Session


Immerse yourself in the beautiful culture and history of France with these done-for-you Charlotte Mason-inspired morning time plans! From elementary through high school, we’ve got you covered with this gorgeous 4-week study.

Everything is already curated, gathered, and scheduled out for you. All you have to do is print out the pages you want to use, gather your family around and enjoy!

Individual morning time sessions are for personal family use only and cannot be shared among families or a co-op; sharing among families or co-ops is not allowed. Thank you for adhering to our policy.



The following are included in your 4-week morning time session:

  • 4-week Calendar with each subject scheduled on it
  • Prayer and scripture memorization
  • Copywork selections from Psalm 100, Prayer for Our Country, Moonlight, and The Piano in primary, elementary, cursive, and a notebook sheet for high school students (and moms)
  • Memory Work: Prayer, scripture memory, and poetry memorization
  • Living Books recommended reading list
  • Artist & Picture Study: Édouard Manet with four printable art pieces
  • Composer Study: Hector Berlioz with four classical pieces (+ listening links)
  • Poet Study: Paul Verlaine with two poetry selections
  • Hymn Study: ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus, with sheet music and listening links
  • Folk Song Study: Frère Jacques with sheet music and listening links
  • 4 French Teatime Recipes: Pain au Chocolat, Madeleine, Crêpes, and Gougères.
  • 4 French Fairy Tale teas: The Diamond Necklace, by Guy de Maupassant, Beauty and the Beast, by Andrew Lang, The Master Cat, or Puss in Boots, by Charles Perrault, and The Dove and the Ant, by Jean de la Fontaine
  • History: St. Joan of Arc study and Home Geography by C.C. Long 
  • Handicraft: Dried Red Globe Amaranth Soap
  • Art Lesson: Le Chat Noir 
  • Nature study: Herbs and Spices of France
  • Shakespeare: Othello

Upon purchase, you will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to this session. PLEASE NOTE: The downloadable delivery and forever access of this product makes it non-refundable.