Book of Centuries


A Book of Centuries is simply a notebook in which to record historical events. Rather than spreading a timeline along a wall, the timeline is kept inside the notebook. Each century is spread over two pages: one is lined and numbered for recording historical events and the names of famous people; the other is blank to allow the student to illustrate events and people from that century.

Charlotte Mason had students begin keeping a Book of Centuries when they were 10 years old, and continue it throughout the course of their education. Eventually the notebook would become a beautiful keepsake to cherish when they were older.

Gertrude M. Bernau was trained under Charlotte Mason at the House of Education in 1894, and became the principal of a PNEU school for girls in London in 1906. She wrote that a Book of Centuries “should bear witness to a liberal and generous diet of History…”

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We have designed this Book of Centuries as closely as possible to the style used in the PNEU schools as described by Miss Bernau in the article, “Century Books,” from the 1951 publication of the Parents’ Union School Diamond Jubilee Magazine, (p. 42).


The following are included in this eBook:

  • Tips for keeping a Book of Centuries
  • One-page spread for the 7 Days of Creation
  • One-page spread for prehistoric times:
    • The Stone Age
    • The Bronze Age
    • The Iron Age
  • Two-page spreads for the centuries B.C. (Before Christ) and A.D. (In the Year of Our Lord)
  • Set up in the true style of Charlotte Mason’s schools:
    • BC centuries are numbered on the left side of the page; from 100 down to 5
    • AD centuries are numbered on the right side of the page; from 5 down to 100
  • Suggestions for printing this book

110 pages!

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