Charlotte Mason Morning Time (formerly The Homeschool Garden Morning Time) is a curriculum originally created by Lara Molettiere. Her love of music, literature, fine arts, and the Charlotte Mason method led her to create a delightful and simple-to-follow morning time curriculum for her family.

Each volume is rich with plans, printables and/or links curated specifically for Charlotte Mason homeschoolers:

  • Bible reading & scripture memorization
  • Poetry memorization
  • Artist & picture study
  • Composer study & classical pieces
  • Literature recommendations
  • History
  • Geography
  • Hymn study & memorization
  • Folk Songs 
  • Handicrafts
  • Shakespeare selection
  • Plutarch (in some volumes)
  • Nature study
  • Teatime recipes

After purchasing The Homeschool Garden Morning Time curriculum, we rebranded it as Charlotte Mason Morning Time and are in the process of editing, reformatting, and tweaking each volume. We will also reorganize them according to historical eras or seasons. And we have several new volumes in the works to fill in the gaps.

Below you can see the twenty beautiful volumes we currently have:

Lara Molettiere, Creator
of The Homeschool Garden

Lara Molettiere believes in the power of Truth, goodness and beauty facilitating a fertile mind and heart in our children. Through homeschooling her own children she worked to create a simple-to-follow morning time curriculum inspired by Charlotte Mason methodology.

Sharing these plans with friends and seeing their success is how The Homeschool Garden Morning Time curriculum was born. Hundreds of homeschooling families have used THG to enjoy delightful learning, and Lara is excited for how many more will be blessed through this new adventure!

You can find Lara at Everyday Graces Homeschool.